Day 112: I Reached My UGW!

Yesterday my scale already said 131.5 lbs (0.5 lbs below my UGW/ height 5’10”) but I wanted to be sure it wasn’t just a random drop…
This morning the scale said 132 lbs (my UGW)!!!

I’m happy I finally reached my UGW, but I notice that I’m still NOT happy with how I look… I still feel like I’m fat.. Well maybe not fat… But not thin either…

What do I do now?

Day 43: Weigh-in

Height: 5’10”
Day 1: 148 lbs
Day 10: 144 lbs
Day 27: 145 lbs
Day 32: 143.5 lbs
Day 40: 144.5 lbs
Day 43: 142 lbs

I don’t know how, but I’m finally down to 142!! :)
I really hope to hit my first goal weight of 140 lbs by Valentine’s Day.

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